welcome to chaos!

Welcome to Cooking Amid Chaos!  I have been mulling this idea around in my head for a long time and, after encouragement from many of you, decided to take the plunge and set up my own cooking blog.  I LOVE cooking and creating things in the kitchen.  Well….actually I like cooking, I LOVE baking.  But I can’t really feed my family cookies for every meal, now can I?  So out of necessity, I like cooking and finding delicious, simple, wholesome food to feed these crazy men of mine (there are 4 all together, counting Mr. Chaos).  I also love food too, so that doesn’t hurt my motivation.  This blog will be a mixture of family meals, mostly healthy snacks, some baked goods (not that healthy, but you’ve gotta have your baked goods) and other tips and ideas.  I make most of our food from scratch, therefore most of the food here will be made from whole ingredients, not a box.  Food from a box isn’t the end of the world once in awhile, (I always make brownies from a box, I haven’t found a recipe I like better than the box)  🙂  I just feel it’s better not to have that be my daily plan.

I will be back soon with a real post, but wanted to say hello to the blogging world and get this thing moving!


4 thoughts on “welcome to chaos!

  1. Hey Can’t wait to read more, to be encouraged and to relate to another busy Mom who Loves to give her family the best!

  2. Great first post! I love that you refer to Brian as “Mr. Chaos”…Awesome!
    And I too love a box brownie mix, tried numerous homemade ones and never as good as the .99 Duncan Hines mix. Looking forward to reading more!

  3. Wow, I’m impressed! This is realllly good. I love “Mr. Chaos” as well. How about “the Chaos kids” for the little men, or I uguess it should be “chaos boys” –after aren’t they the ones that make it “chaos” — LOL.

  4. Looks like a great beginning, waiting for those recipes. I grew up with your mom and Aunt Elsie and we hung out a lot. Get those recipes flowing.

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